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THE HEDDON RIVER RUNT IDENTIFICATION & COLLECTOR'S GUIDE "THE RIVER RUNT DID THE STUNT"So began the breathless copy from the 1936 catalog of James Heddons' Sons, the premier manufacturer of artificial baits in the world. First introduced in wood in 1929, the River Runt vaulted to the forefront of the American angler's thoughts in 1933 when it was released in plastic as the River Runt Spook. It soon rose to become Heddon's best selling family of fishing lures, and one of the most famous (and productive) lures in history.Tracking the origins and development of the original wooden Series 110 River Runt to the splashy introduction of the River Runt Spook and its various permutations, the authors cover all of the known variations for each of the more than two dozen River Runt models, from the most popular to the obscure, and from fly rod to salmon size.Based on nearly two decades of research, this guide not only gives us every known (and a couple dozen as yet unknown) color used on the River Runt and River Runt Spook, it also covers the bewildering array of hardware, the plethora of different boxes, and advertising pieces related to this family of baits. Throw in oddities, knock offs, and fakes, and this is the only treatise you'll ever need to collect one of the most popular lures ever made.Contains chapters on all the River Runt models, including photos of hardware, boxes, variations, oddities, and of course, all of the known colors of the Heddon River Runt Spook. There are quick reference charts at the end of every chapter. Over 500 different River Runt Spooks are pictured! This will be the definitive work on the Heddon River Runt and is a must for any collector or anglers library. ISBN: 1-936702-07-X publish date: 06/30/2011
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 1-936702-07-X
Publisher: Whitefish Press
Author: Tom Jacomet and Dennis Boulais

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