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THE DUCK GODS MUST BE CRAZY: MORE STORIES OF WATERFOWLING OBSESSION In this follow up to his best-selling book Dont Shoot the Decoys, author Doug Larsen offers more humorous observations on the sport of waterfowling.This book begins with a hilarious Open Letter to the Duck Gods, in which Larsen wonders aloud about what he has done to deserve the wrath of the duck hunting deities, which have obviously conspired against him to ruin his hunting season, his physical and mental health, and his family life. Three weeks into the season, he writes, with only two weeks left to go. Everything seems to be going against me, and I wouldnt know a limit of ducks if I tripped over one. From there Larsen lets his duck hunting fancy take flights that are sure to tickle the funny bones of waterfowlers everywhere. These include ruminations on why there arent any duck hunting movies (in the story Black Duck Down), a duck hunt with two sharp-shooting and keen-witted little old ladies in the Louisiana bayou (in A Duck for Gumbo), a chapter devoted to, of all things, Coot Tactics, and seventeen other new and original stories of waterfowling obsession. Indeed, what was said when Larsen published his first book is even more apt with the publication of his second: If Gordon MacQuarrie is the voice of the old duck hunters, then Doug Larsen is the voice of the new. ABOUT THE AUTHOR:DOUG LARSEN lives a life inextricably linked to the outdoors. A tireless duck hunter since childhood, he has been a guide on two continents, and his career in sporting travel has afforded him the opportunity to go around the globe in pursuit of waterfowl and other outdoor passions. He lives in western Pennsylvania with his wife, Katie, three kids, and a calamitous pile of duck hunting paraphernalia. ISBN: 1-932052-22-4 publish date: 09/14/2004
Binding Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-932052-22-4
Author: Doug Larsen

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