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STILL-HUNTING TROPHY WHITETAILS: WITH BOW, RIFLE, SHOTGUN AND MUZZLELOADER * Introduces hunters to the lost art of stalking trophy bucks* Provides proven strategies for taking big whitetails on the move with bow and arrow, rifle, shotgun, and muzzleloader* Explains the essential techniques of playing the wind, staying silent, and calling on the prowl* Takes the mystery out of still-hunting new property, clear-cuts, and bedding areasAnthropologists tell us that primitive man evolved in part because of his abilities to still-hunt--moving silently and methodically in pursuit of big-game animals. Today, still-hunting is the least understood method of tagging trophy whitetail bucks. Still-Hunting Trophy Whitetails teaches hunters how to hone their woodsmanship skills to conquer the challenge of stalking bucks, with tips on camouflage and scent control, scrape lines, feeding and bedding areas, and travel routes. Details on yardage estimation, timing, shooting positions, and bowhunting thin cover provide the information necessary for successful "sneaking and peeking." Special techniques for calling during the peak of the rut and imitating doe-in-heat bleats, buck contact and tending grunts, fawn-in-distress bleats, and buck clicks and growls round out the book.ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Bill Vaznis is a fulltime writer and photographer who has written more than 1,000 articles published in a variety of major outdoor magazines, including Deer & Deer Hunting and Whitetail Hunting Strategies. He makes his home in upstate New York. ISBN: 0-8117-3419-6 publish date: 09/01/2007
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 0-8117-3419-6
Author: Bill Vaznis

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