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SHOTGUNNING FOR DEER Of the approximately 10 million whitetail deer hunters nationwide, 4.1 million choose to go afield with shotguns. But not one should do so without first reading Dave Henderson's expert guide. Henderson offers his knowledge on the latest innovations in shotgun design and ammunition technology and reveals the history and evolution of shotgunning. You'll also learn how to select the right shotgun for the hunt and how to handle your weapon safely and effectively. Deer hunters at all levels will benefit from the expert advice found amidst hundreds of useful color photographs in Shotgunning for Deer.Each year more than 3.6 million deer hunters take to fields and forests with shotguns. In some regions, shotguns have been the household guns of choice for centuries and many areas now require the use of slug guns. In Shotgunning for Deer, Dave Henderson reveals the history, selection and use of the deer hunter's shotgun and brings the reader up-to-date to the latest innovations in firearm and ammunition technology. Whether you shoot slugs or buckshot, Shotgunning for Deer will be an invaluable and authoritative resource for both novice and experienced hunters. CONTENTS:* Shotgunning for Deer * Slugs or buckshot? * Types of slugs * Shotgun barrels * Evolution of the shotgun slug * The sabot * Quirks of high-velocity slugs * Hevi-shot * The 3-inch "magnum"KEY SELLING POINTS:* White-tailed deer are America's most popular big game animal* Slug guns are among the most innovative hunting weapons used to take white-tailed deer.* Up-to-date details about shotgun ammunition* Ballistics and performance charts.ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Dave Henderson is a hunter, award-winning writer, radio host, outdoors columnist, and the author of several books on shotguns and shotgunning, including Modern Shotgunning. Henderson lives in Endicott, New York. ISBN: 1-61608-416-2 publish date: 08/31/2011
Binding Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-61608-416-2
Publisher: SKYHORSE
Author: Dave Henderson

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