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POCKET GUIDE TO THE FOOD ORGANISMS OF TROUT & THEIR IMITATION A Comprehensive introduction to the sport of fly fishing with a particular focus on the food sources of trout, their imitation, and the strategies used to effectively present these imitations. This Guide is the cornerstone of the Fly-Fishing Pocket Guide Series of 11 total titles. Key topics include Insects As Food For Trout, How these food sources become Available, Trout Feeding Behavior, Fly Pattern Theory & Usage, and Basic Fly Fishing Strategies.What you really need to know, when you really need it! Pocket Guides are fully illustrated, waterproof, spiral bound, pocket-sized plastic books jam packed with critical information from field experts. World renowned Pocket Guides have had an international almost cult-like following for over ten years. Join the experts and carry Pocket Guides for all your recreational sports, hobbies and emergency needs.Virtually indestructible and completely indispensible, Pocket Guides are perfect for enthusiasts and gift giving. Select from Sports/Hobbies, Fishing and Emergency Assistance titles. ISBN: 1-931676-18-6 publish date: 01/14/2004
Binding Type: Spiral-Plastic Cards
ISBN: 1-931676-18-6
Publisher: Pocket Guides Publishing
Author: Ron Cordes

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