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MISERY LOVES COMPANY: WATERFOWLING AND THE RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF SELF-ABUSE A fun-filled look at the foibles, follies, pratfalls, and unpredictable world of the duck hunter, from the time his alarm rings at 3:00 am until he stumbles into freezing marsh water two hours later, swamping his waders but not dampening his enthusiasm for his sport. Why do duck hunters do it? Sit in driving rain for hours, awaiting ducks that may never come? Shiver in freezing boats and blinds in the most inaccessible, not to mention inhospitable, environs imaginable? Can anyone call this fun?Evidently, duck hunters do. In Misery Loves Company, author/photographer Bill Buckley captures these magic moments in words and - most importantly - on film. The hapless hunter who forgets to set his emergency brake at the boat landing, only to watch his new Suburban roll down the ramp, duck boat and trailer still attached, into the watery realm of turtles and fish. Click! The faithful retriever that, on command, elegantly jumps from shore into his master's boat, not quite capsizing it but effectively spilling its contents, including his master, overboard. Click! ! It's all here. The mud. Click! The sweat. Click! And, especially, the tears. Click! Waterfowlers who sometimes question their own sanity can now take heart. Its all right, Buckley writes, if you like standing in swamp muck for hours on end. Its okay if your family thinks youre weird. Who cares if your girlfriend diagnoses you as obsessive-compulsive or sadomasochistic? The important thing is, youre not alone.ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Bill Buckley is a professional outdoor photographer and writer who lives in Bozeman, Montana. His work has been published in numerous outdoor publications, including Ducks Unlimited magazine, Grays Sporting Journal, Shooting Sportsman, and others. He is the author/photographer of another Ducks Unlimited book, The Waterfowlers World. ISBN: 0-9617279-8-5 publish date: 09/15/2002
Binding Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-9617279-8-5
Author: Bill Buckley

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