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DEER WORLD Included are the two deer species indigenous to North America -- the whitetail and the mule deer -- as well as blacktail deer, elk, caribou and moose. These majestic animals are photographed at all stages of development, in all seasons, in locations across the continent.Deer World explores a year in the life of deer, providing naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts a rare inside look at how seasonal events affect each species. The remarkable photographs are arranged by day and month, juxtaposed with informative captions that offer notes on the animal, its behavior, the role it plays within its local ecosystem, and where and when it can best be viewed.As a bonus, Taylor includes photographs of other animals found in the deer's world, such as wolves and bears.This book will thrill the millions of American deer enthusiasts.Review:Deer World is sure to inform and delight sportsmen, photographers, naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts of all ages. (Real Fishing )About the Author:Dave Taylor is a well-known wildlife photographer, author and educator. He is the author of 30 books on wildlife and ecology, including Black Bears: A Natural History. He has guided several African photo-safaris and is the education program director for an urban-wild park in Mississauga, Ontario. ISBN: 1-55046-501-5 publish date: 09/11/2008
Binding Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-55046-501-5
Author: Dave Taylor

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